District 2: Chattanooga's Neighborhood Quilt

District 2 is a quilt of diverse historic neighborhoods. Together they tell the story of the Scenic City’s growth in the 20th century—from North Chattanooga, with its Victorian-era homes and craftsman-style bungalows; to Lupton City, where employees of Dixie Yarns “lived, worked, and played” before it was cool; to Galaxy Heights, whose street names (Comet Trail! Orbit Drive!) reflect American aspiration in the Space Age.


My vision for District 2 mirrors my broader vision for Chattanooga: to help each neighborhood shine in its own right. I support policies that encourage community and attract investment but protect residents from displacement and respect the neighborhood aesthetic. Once that’s gone, you can’t get it back.


Please take the time to click on your neighborhood—click “Other” if you don’t see it, and we’ll add it in—and let me know what makes it special, what needs attention, and how I can best represent your community on City Council.

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