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Here's what I stand for.

Climate Protest

Gun safety

I refuse to accept the lie that reasonable gun regulations can’t reduce gun violence. I also refuse to accept the premise that the slaughter of our children, often by other children, is the price we must pay for our elected leaders’ political cowardice. 

Image by Gayatri Malhotra

Reproductive health rights

Tennessee's abortion ban will kill women. Women will die from life-threatening
complications and unsafe abortions. Women will also lose their lives in other ways—trapped in dead-end jobs, grinding poverty, or abusive relationships. 

Blood Pressure

Expanding Medicaid

It’s way easier to help Tennesseans stay healthy than it is to help them once they’re sick. One of the smartest things we could do is make sure every Tennessean can get regular checkups and see the doctor when they need to.

School Kids

Investing in education

When we give our children a good education, we put them on track to become the skilled workers who attract major employers, the entrepreneurs who start new businesses, and the visionaries who lift up communities. Our children are our future. Let’s invest in them.

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