Practical Leadership

District 26 is diverse. It stretches from North Chattanooga to the Rhea County line. But whatever our political beliefs, we all want good stewardship of our tax dollars. We all want the big, everyday problems fixed.

Fixing these two big problems will help fix a lot of smaller ones:

Struggling public schools

Every kid in Tennessee should have a good neighborhood school. When our kids can't get a good education, they're less likely to succeed in life and more likely to need government support or intervention.

Lack of access to health care

We should all be able to see the doctor when we need to. When we let people get sicker and sicker or go bankrupt from medical bills or use the emergency room as their doctor’s office, we all pay for that.

Ethical Leadership

When our elected leaders feel entitled to ignore our real problems and pass careless and cruel legislation, it’s obvious that they feel unaccountable to us. That’s how we end up with leaders who use their public office for personal gain, which is what happened with the last two people elected to represent District 26. They both left after committing acts of fraud. We deserve better.